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Nail Fungus

What is nail fungus?

For the lay person, it appears to be a deterioration of the nails.

They start to discolor, peel, and separate from the skin and generally are unsightly and can cause discomfort.

Nail fungus is basically an infection that enters through cracks in your nail or cuts in your skin.

Dampness and warmth caused by wearing socks shoes all day help the fungus flourish.


Fungi and yeast are the culprits and if left untreated the fungus can spread not only to the other nails but the skin as well.

It's easy to identify as the nail thickens, becomes oddly shaped, discolors, peels and eventually separates from the nail bed.

Anyone can "catch" nail fungus from the very young to the elderly. More frequently men get it but women are just as susceptible.

If your elderly, have diabetes, athletes foot, smoke or have a weak immune system you are even more susceptible.

It's contagious, just coming into contact with someone who has infected nail can infect you as well.

Sharing items that have come in contact with the infection – flip flops, socks, nail polish, or walking around barefoot in public showers such as a health spa

or gym all help the fungus travel from person to person.

Nail fungus can sometimes be mistaken for other types of skin problems, so it's important to consult with a professional and get the correct diagnosis.

There are many treatments available on the market - topical creams, antifungal prescription pills or even more radical treatment such as removing the

damaged area of the nail or skin through surgery.

Luckily today, we have an innovative low laser device on the market. Cure Ex is the newest cutting edge treatment available on the market today.

Cure Ex combines two types of radiation:

Low-level laser pulse radiation and visible blue light.

Through a synergic effect that targets fungus spores under the nail, symptoms associated with fungal infection of the nail are targeted and cured.

It can be used on all infected nails without any worry of the fungus being transferred.

It's easy, simple to use and safe! After using the Cure Ex your nails will be beautiful and healthy again!


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