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Why use Cure Ex?

Why use Cure Ex?

People tend to resist using new technology, but when presented with a device that not only saves you money, eliminates expensive and time consuming trips to clinics and specialists, and can be used safely in the comfort of your own home or while traveling, the question really is, "why not use Cure Ex?"

Cure Ex is a portable laser technology to safely remove unwanted nail fungus. It uses soft laser and blue ray technology that targets and kills the infection while encouraging and accelerating healthy nail growth. It is a one-time expense that is used repeatedly over a period of time to eliminate nail fungus and keep it away. It is light weight, safe, efficient, painless and simple to use.

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How to use the Cure Ex?

All it takes is seven minutes for each nail treatment. Just clip on the Cure Ex device on the targeted area and let the fungus be cured. Within four weeks the results will be noticeable as the fungus fades away. Clip on the Cure Ex, push the button and within seven minutes the first treatment is finished. The device shuts off automatically, so there is no need to even time the treatment. Going on holiday? Just charge the battery and you are good to go.

1. Open the cure-ex and take out the device

2. Make sure the device is charged, if needed - charge the device.

3. Place the device on the infected nail in such a way that the window inside of the machine is located directly above toenail fungus.

 4. After placing the device, push the one-click power button located in the upper part of the device. Now, the treatment starts!

5. There is no need to measure time, the machine stops automatically after seven minutes of treatment.

6. You can use the device on each of the infected nail fungus - without the fear of infection.

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Please note: In order to cure and prevent fungus from reappearing the device must be used daily for the requisite time of three to four months.

Cure Ex was developed by leading medical experts in the field of skin ailments and is CE approved. The Cure Ex kit includes a power outlet, adapter, and instruction manual.