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What is Cure Ex?

Cure Ex combines low level laser radiation and blue light energy for home nail fungus laser treatment, the device is safe, effective and pain free.

Using short laser pulses which penetrates deep into the tissue in combination with the blue light which treats the outer surface of the nail causes a stimulation in the formation of ATP molecules (ATP - Adenosine triphosphate , transport chemical energy within cells for metabolism) preventing the nail from getting re-infected with the fungus.

cure ex

The laser beam emitted from the Cure-Ex provides energy and encouraging production of ATP molecules in the nail bed helping to eliminate the fungal cells.

By destroying the cells found in the fungus, Cure Ex's blue light allows a healthy new nail to grow and replace the infected one thus preventing the spread of the infection.

By using Cure Ex on a daily basis, the fungus will eventually disappear and as a new healthy nail replaces it you can wear your sandals or stroll in the sand confidently.

Your exposed toe nails will no longer cause embarrassment and discomfort. Cure Ex is portable (take it with while you travel!), has a long lasting battery and is easy to use.

Just clip it on the nail and within seven minutes the treatment is automatically shuts off. It's easy, comfortable and safe to use.

Let Cure Ex target and get rid of the fungus once and for all. After four weeks the fungus starts fading away and there will be a noticeable and healthier nail growing.

It's that easy: Clip on the Cure Ex, push the button and within seven minutes the first treatment is finished.

The device shuts off automatically, so there is no need to even time the treatment. Cure Ex is a technological breakthrough.

Curing nail fungus can be tricky. It's very resistant to the creams and nonprescription drugs available over the counter and the prescription medication can have nasty side effects such as skin rashes or in extreme cases liver damage.

Cure Ex is highly effective, pain free and risk free. Use Cure Ex in the comfort of your own home, or while on holiday, let Cure Ex get rid of your nail fungus.