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Cure Ex Advantages

It is known that large part of the world population suffers from fungal nail fungus, it is a major aesthetic issue and therefore many patients are looking to find an efficient and effective solution for the treatment of nail fungus.

 cure xe

Cure Ex treatment has significant advantages over other treatment options of nail fungal infections.

Systemic treatment

The most effective treatment of nail fungal infections is systemic treatment, usually by oral application of anti-fungal medications. However, there are risks associated with systemic treatment, in particular eventual impairment of kidney and liver functions. These risks require constant medical supervision and frequent monitoring of blood chemistry.

There are undesirable side effects: sensitivity to sunlight, red, blistered and swollen skin, peeling, taste loss, vision and mood changes. Debridement of infected nail, often combined with oral medical treatment, may be very painful and affect daily routine.

Topical treatment

Topical treatments include medicinal creams, nail paints and lacquer. They have to be applied daily for prolonged periods of time.

Topical treatments have poor cure rates compared to systemic antifungal medication. They are associated with side effects: burning, stinging, redness and irritation of surrounding skin, as well as eventual blistering, swelling and oozing.


Here are some more reasons to BUY the CURE EX:

Effective- Visible results starting in the fourth week of treatment

Price -The price of Cure ex is significantly lower then other fungus treatment or devices

You can use cure ex on all infected nails.

Easy to use, non invasive.

Because the device is easy to use, the nail fungus treatment process becomes friendly, efficient, effective and quick.

Treatment is done at home, at your convenience, as many times as you like.


cure ex