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Cure-Ex Laser

The  Cure-Ex Laser is the first and most revolutionary device of its kind which is intended for home use.  It is intended for the treatment of fungal nail infection using a tender laser technology.  The device is very easy to use with tremendous effective results.  There are absolutely no pain or side effects involved.

The Cure-Ex device operates via a laser wave which eradicates the fungus, enhances the blood flow and enriches the oxygen to the infected nail area.  Enrichment of the afflicted area with oxygen damages the fungus and enhances the activity of the immune system.  In addition to this, there is a blue antibacterial light which destroys the bacteria that utilizes the weakness of the immune system and reproduces the nail and its environment.

When using the Cure-Ex laser device in according to the recommendations, substantial results can be observed for those who are suffering from nail fungal infections as early as the fourth week of treatment.  Use the Cure Ex for only 7 minutes a day and you are on your way to a healthy and beautiful nails -  fungal-free.

The efficiency of the cure ex in comparison to all other available treatments today including treatment at various clinics are by far more effective and efficient.

If you order the revolutionary Cure Ex now you will end all fungal infections you are suffering from.

Fast Results

Using the Cure-Ex device according to the recommendations will result in an impressive results and a great deal of improvement as soon as the fourth week of treatment.  The price of Cure-Ex is economical in comparison to all types of other treatments that are commonly used to treat nail fungal infections.

Low Treatment Costs

Due to the fact that after the purchase of the Cure Ex you are not limited to the number of treatments, you or other family members can treat one or all of your nails.  The price of the Cure Ex is low in comparison to all other common treatments currently offered in the market.

Private Home Treatments

You can carry out a Cure-Ex treatment in the comfort of your home in your own free time or you can take it with you whilke traveling.  It is no longer necessary to make appointments for cosmetic or treatment salons and there is no need to take any medications or purchase various nail polishes.

Esthetics and Healthy Nails

Finally, there is no need to avoid exposing your hand and toe nails.  After the home laser treatments you can wear open-toe shoes, sandals or flip flops.

Convenience and Ease of Use

The use of the Cure Ex Laser is easy and user-friendly. Simply place it on the infected area, push the button and you are on your way to healthy nails, without any type of pain or side effects.

You can conduct home treatment for more than one afflicted toe/finger without fear of infecting your other toes/fingers, the device has a safe technology so that your other nails or areas will not be infected.

Did you know that…

Nail fungal infection or as referred to in its biological term Onchyomycosis, is a fungal infection of the nails and up to 20% of the entire population are suffering from fungal infections.  Fungal infections are bound to affect the toes or the fingers. Fungal infections of the toes are more common, and they constitute a serious esthetic problem.  The rate of toenail fungal infections is currently among 6 – 8% among the mature population.

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